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Are you worried about your Hybrid Vehicle’s Battery?  We can help you get more life from it!

Prolong Battery Systems

Our Prolong Battery Systems are the only products in existence that allow for easy, repeatable in-car battery reconditioning and cell balancing. We help to keep your hybrid’s battery healthy and provide many years of incremental battery life. The ability to pro-actively maintain the battery in the same manner as the rest of your car frees you from hybrid battery failure anxiety.

Cost-Effective Option

Prolong Battery Systems are the most cost-effective option in the industry for hybrid battery reconditioning and maintenance, saving you thousands of dollars. Maintaining your electric car battery and extending its life to match the rest of your vehicle eliminates the manufacturing of one less replacement hybrid battery. This method benefits the environment and reduces your environmental impact.

Quick & Easy

Prolong Battery Systems are the only product available that allows for quick, easy ongoing hybrid battery reconditioning and maintenance without removing the battery from the vehicle.

Hybrid FAQ

All batteries will fail. Many individual cells make up each battery. Each cell provides all of the energy needed to propel the car and stay in sync with the other cells. After a time, the battery will begin to degrade, causing the cells to fall out of sync with each other. Several factors, including vehicle make and model, climate, driving habits, variation in battery construction, determine the speed of deterioration.

This process increases the usable battery capacity and extends its service life. Battery reconditioning is not a one-time event. If performed once and never repeated, the benefits of battery reconditioning will be short-lived. Proper battery reconditioning as a recurring maintenance process can significantly extend the service life of the battery pack. This process is performed by first charging & balancing the battery pack with a Prolong Battery Charger. Then a Prolong Battery Discharger is connected to the battery to provide load that discharges the battery. The battery is carefully discharged well below the level that the vehicle would allow during normal operation. This deep discharge drains the battery beyond the voltage depression “floor” to break down the memory effect within the cells. As this happens, the recovered material within the cells and the usable capacity increases. After the deep discharge is complete, the Prolong Battery Charger is reconnected to the battery to charge the cells back to full and rebalance them again. Increases in usable battery capacity of 15%-25% or more are common.

Recommended frequency of use depends on the age and condition of the battery. For newer batteries still performing well, performing a charge & balance once every 4-6 months and/or anytime the car sits unused for more than a week is recommended. If the battery is degraded, charging alone will not yield optimal results. Performing a full battery reconditioning 2-3 times per year, as well as a charge & balance every 8-12 weeks (and/or anytime the car sits unused for more than five days) is recommended.